Maraudeur - PUISSANCE 4 LP

Maraudeur - PUISSANCE 4 LP
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    First of all:this record is so much. and it sounds so good!But - how does it feel ?To me, these nine unique songs of „Puissance 4“ - the second album by Maraudeur - are completely Sci-Fi. They are opening up the view into various worlds inbetween seconds. Images I feel familiar with are transforming themselves to unexpected landscapes, driven by the strong integrity of bass, synth, and drums.If this would be a shuttle it would go back and forth on sonic streets guided by the vocals of the different songs, intersecting with crowded supermarkets, car traffic, wide beach and beaming portals to parallel universes.At the end of the album the synthesizer sounds like a high wind, blowing from a strange outside world. It is staring at me after I „finally left the house“. I wanna see what´s hidden in the dark, and I am following the vocals through different layers of night.For a moment I expect this sound cosmos to shut down. As if the last song „cest cache“ would be the end of a narrative I´ve been dreaming about while listening to the record. But it´s not. Actually it is the start of another sphere I am about to slip into.The album is not closing down, it is opening up again for all the listenable great worlds it has to offer.- Schreier Johann
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