Balcanes - Gloria Eterna LP

Balcanes - Gloria Eterna LP
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    "If you’re looking for the real deal in terms of noise rock, Balcanes is a band you need to hear [...] a true melding of post-punk and industrial/noise to create something hypnotic, unsettling, and powerful. On their new LP, entitled Gloria Eterna, they've pushed their sound even further, and the result is nothing short of stunning - stunning in a way that's closer to the way headlights render a deer frozen in its tracks. From pounding opening to haunting ending, there is not a single dull moment" (CVLT NATION).Martial drums, heavy as a mountain. Guitars that show the most abrasive side of post-punk, verging on power electronics textures at times. The voice and the bass gives it all a layer of punk. Industrial noise and even ambient passages. In the meanwhile other surprises happen along the way, even daring to close with a piano and sax drunken "ballad".FFO: Swans, Big Black, Flipper, Akauzazte, Brainbombs, Ramleh, Skullflower, Billy Bao.

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