A.F. Moebius - Eine Auswahl LP

A.F. Moebius - Eine Auswahl LP
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    Frank Bretschneider was active in the subcultural environment of Karl-Marx-Stadt. In the early 1980s, he published the independent graphics edition “A Drei”, then went on to set the tone with cult formation AG Geige.Under the alias A. F. Moebius, Bretschneider’s “Eine Auswahl” (“A selection”) was a distillate of creative periods from 1985 to ’87. The B-side “Eine Auswahl” complemented the “Alle Aufnahmen” (“All recordings”) tape by Heinz & Franz, a project that would close the circuit of acoustics and electronics. “Eine Auswahl” was based on work with the KORG M-20; Bretschneider also worked with tape loops. Material used included fragments, musical phrases, AMIGA radio play records or randomly targeted radio snippets.The split tape by Heinz & Franz and A. F. Moebius was released in 1988 on Bretschneider’s underground label klangFarBe in an edition of about 50 copies. Between 1985 and ’89, eight tape productions appeared on klangFarBe.The tapetopia series, using the original layouts and track lists, publishes cassette editions from the GDR underground of the 1980s, especially from the “walled-in” scene in East Berlin. More than three decades after their initial “release”, most of these tapes have yet to be heard on either vinyl or CD, even though they made an audible mark in the canon of GDR sub- culture. Despite the tiny original editions of the time, many of the bands were considered cult in countercultural circles, which made them highly suspect in informed circles.Lizenz

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