Autarkia ‎– Punk's Al Slam LP

Autarkia ‎– Punks Al Slam LP
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    Autarkia was a hardcore punk band that started in the Estado de Mexico in the early 90s. With a very straight forward sound, they are to be included with the group of bands that defined the countrys punk style between the 80s and 90s such as Massacre 68, Herejia, Sindrome, Desviados etc. This album was originally released on cassette in 1993 and was recorded by the one and only Lalo Tex (from the legendary Mexican rock band Tex Tex) who was one of the best sound engineers for punk at the time. The audio has been extracted from the original DAT tape and mastered by Mike Kriebel making this thing sound awesome and clear without losing any fuzz or gruffness. Done with the help of BamBam Records in Mexico.
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