ANNEES ZERO - S/T - 7" 2018

ANNEES ZERO - S/T - 7 2018
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    Lille has been the birthplace of so many great bands these past years. We've already released a couple of records with bands from this exciting punk scene (SHORT DAYS, GUTTER…), ANNEES ZERO is a quite new band coming from the darkness and the filth of a bitter world close to explode. The band consists of current and ex members of great bands like SHORT DAYS, SEVICES, KRONSTADT It's a tense and enraged kind of hardcore which blows up to your face. The french lyrics are pissed off but definitely humans, dealing differend aspects of a fucked up society. This 5 7" is their second effort, after a demo tape released last year. It was recorded by Sam D. Hyde and mastered by Dead Air Studio. It comes with a nice artwork made by our friend Hugues Pzzl.listen :

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