Eagulls - Skipping Flexi 7" Card

Eagulls - Skipping Flexi 7 Card
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    Today’s featured song, “Skipping”, further defines Ullages‘ more melodic intent, though it’s no less potent than any song they’ve written so far. As on all these songs so far, bassist Tom Kelly immediately propels the song forward, fueled further by drummer Henry Ruddell’s driving beats. Guitarists Mark Goldsworthy and Liam Matthews chime as much as buzz their way through the melodies, forming a gauzy haze rather than a barbed one (though I’d still watch my fingers with this one!). And vocalist George Mitchell no longer strangles his words but loudly, and lyrically, laments like a young Robert Smith. If the primary fear conveyed in “Skipping” is not sounding like a broken record, then Eagulls certainly have avoided that with their forthcoming LP. Though Ullages may be named for a term that refers to an item’s contents that are missing, the album is clearly brimming with a reinvigorated sound.

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